The Estuary

Life in deep silence

A visit to Soldier's Estuary (Estero El Soldado)  is a wonderful way allow yourself to enjoy the peace of nature, to contemplate the sim ie beauty of life and feel the tranquil energy of this protected natural site. It is a is a beautiful landscape, with pink mountains, aquamarine waters, fine sand and the incredible natural wonders of hills and desert vegetation, channels bordered by mangrove swamps that  invite us into its secret nooks, home to hundreds of birds. Every year, along with the wind and climates changes, many birds arrive after long trips looking for shelter from the cold winters.

 Soldier's Estuary is a little 180 acre coastal lagoon about 6 miles southeast of San Carlos Bay. It’s beach, San Francisco Bay, is one of the most beautiful in the region.


There are over 70 species of birds to be observed here throughout the year. Besides birds, there are terrestrial and marine mammals and many species of other marine life can be found here.

It is easy to get to and is a fun walk or bike ride. To kayak through it is the best.

To get here take the scenic boulevard at km 132 on the
Mex. 15 Highway, which borders with the northern
section of the estuary. There are two other roads from the scenic boulevard  that run through the oriental and occidental section of the site. The main entry to Soldier's Estuary is
on the new highway that leads to Delfinario and Las Tinajas, which also is the road to Miramar. This is where the visitor's center is with parking. There are many exhibits there along with maps for a self-guided tour.  You can access the estuary from Condominios Pilar on foot by walking along the beach. An excellent book called the "Ecological Guide for El Estero del Soldado has maps and self guided tours along with historical and cultural information and species checklists. .  It is available at the visitors center and shops in San Carlos.  Pictures reproduced from this book.