The Birth of the Rally, 2010

The following is how the idea of the boat rally got started:


As many of you know, Guaymas and San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico were hit with a major hurricane on Sept 2, 2009. Jimena dumped 43.39 inches (711 ml) of rain in 36 hours and broke all records. You can imagine the intensity of the flash flooding that occurred

and water levels rose so high that most people were forced to abandon their homes and vehicles and go to their roofs to escape the torrent.  


After the storm, the streets were filled with furniture, swamped cars and trucks, and tons and tons of debris.  Major highways were impassable because of bridges that had washed out. The main highway in San Carlos was washed away in 2 spots by flash floods. Marina Seca was badly damaged, with boats being washed out over the highway onto to the beaches. There was no public water for over 15 days as well as no telephone or internet. 


The damages associated with Hurricane Jimena in Guaymas and San Carlos totaled over $37 million and three people died.  Over 200,000 houses were destroyed or damaged so severely that people could not return to them for several months, mainly in the poorest areas. School was suspended for over two months in most areas.  Hundreds of local stores lost their entire inventories.  Over 2800 acres of farm land were severely damaged.


There was a huge local public response after the storm, but so much damage was insurmountable and many problems still exist. 

To raise funds, the Guaymas to Kino Charity Rally was born. It is sponsored by the Lion’s Clubs of Mexico.

Welcome to the first annual, to be held on May 10 th, 2010.  All proceeds will be dispersed between the orphanage in Kino and those unfortunate people who lost everything during the hurricane. 


The rally will start at San Carlos on May 10, allowing two days to arrive in Kino Bay. The Mexican navy will escort the fleet for the entire trip in case of any problems that may come up. There will be a potluck party on the beach at El Choyudo, the halfway point. 


After anchoring in Kino Bay, there will be a free shuttle service for your convenience from the anchorage to shore.  The town of Kino Bay will be hosting a fiesta to celebrate. On the return trip there will be another layover at El Choyudo for anyone wishing to have another beach party.




This year's rally

3rd Annual Lions Club Boat Rally

 Come join the Lions Club Boat Rally on April 27-28, 2012.

This is the 3rd annual boat rally. It is open to power boats and sailboats.

By participating you'll be entered in a raffle to win $500 cash as well as other prizes such as free slips, hotel rooms, and restaurant certificates.  The rally will be from San Carlos to Santa Rosalia with a fiesta celebration at the end of the rally. 

You can return to San Carlos following the fiesta or stay and participate in Loreto Fest 2012 on the following weekend, May 4, 5 and 6 at Puerto Escondido. The theme this year is Cinco De Mayo.  Come join in the fun and enjoy your boat.

All proceeds go to support community outreach efforts in Guaymas.

Participants must register and prepay the entry fee of $50 online by April 15. If weather or any other reason causes the rally not to be held, a full refund will be made to those registering. 

Boat rally 2010

2010 Boat Rally

The 1st annual rally was a huge success in terms of the magnificent fiesta put on by the town of Kino Bay. Each participant received a beautiful ironwood sailboat trophy and enjoyed the regional dancing performances and fine food.

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