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Dive Report from "What's Up San Carlos" 1.31.12

posted Feb 27, 2012, 12:22 PM by Becky Moors   [ updated Feb 27, 2012, 12:27 PM ]
Okay, maybe it can be said that the area lacks consistency. Certainly many species seem to come and go. Still many are encountered by divers throughout the year like Octopus and Moray eels. While the Sea of Cortez is home to six different varieties of octopus the two most often seen here are the Two-spotted and Fitch’s octopus. Actually a member of the same family as scallops and nudibranchs octopus feed largely on molluscs. Octopus dens are usually surrounded by discarded empty shells making them easy to find. Our two favorite spots to observe them are San Antonio Point and Lighthouse Cove at San Pedro. 

Moray eels like octopus are quite at home in our rocky bottom topography. Panamic green and Jeweled morays are the norm locally. Feeding principally on fishes and crustaceans it’s interesting to note that one of their favorite meals is fresh octopus. While extremely common throughout the area our two favorite spots to look are again at San Antonio Point or any of the coves around San Pedro. This weeks pictures

In a word the visibility is “green” top to bottom. Over the weekend we had 10’ to15’locally and 20’ to 30’ at the island. Water temps. remain in the low 60’s on the surface and at depth. Warm day time temps. and good surface viz. make this a great time to go snorkeling. Try the cut between Martini and Catalina Cove’s or the point on the west side of La Lo Cove. Chances are you’ll find Octopus, Morays, and Balloonfish hanging out in the warmer shallows.

 Thanks to Ocean Sports Dive Shop and the crew of the Ocean Spirit for hauling us around. Captain Ernesto your sea food chowder is muy deliciosa. Support your local dive shop and be kind to one another.