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Dive report Jan, 17th 2012 from What's Up San Carlos

posted Jan 17, 2012, 5:13 PM by Becky Moors   [ updated Jan 17, 2012, 5:16 PM ]

Its mid morning as Captain Ernesto maneuvers the Ocean Spirit into Zorro’s Cove which takes its name from the 1998 movie, “Mask of Zorro”.  Scenes filmed here include the return of the old Don under cover of darkness looking for his nemesis, Zorro. Located at the base of Punto Mirador it’s an idyllic location generally sheltered from prevailing winter winds. Although there’s a beach access is difficult so most diving is done from a boat.

Descending we encounter Green morays, Sun stars and docile Balloonfish along with numerous small iridescent Bluebanded gobies darting about among the rocks and sea fans. There are an estimated 2000 species of these colorful little fish worldwide and the sea is favored to have some of the most beautiful varieties.

Moving along the reef we notice what appears to be a bluish sponge. Trying to appear rock like and inconspicuous it’s actually a large Roughjawed frogfish. Adept at camouflage they can phase from lemon-yellow to orange and red , green , brown or black  precisely matching color and contour  to blend into their surroundings. This is the second frogfish sighting in as many months and you can imagine our excitement as we observe and photograph this rare species. Reluctantly we ascend to our safety stop with a renewed interest in the variety of species and amazing diving that exists locally. This weeks picture

Water temps.are warmer than normal ranging from 67 degrees on the surface at San Antonio into the lower 60’s at depth. Visibility continues to average 40’ +/- depending on depth and location.