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Dive Report 2.14.12, excerpted from "What's Up San Carlos"

posted Feb 27, 2012, 12:32 PM by Becky Moors
It’s a beautiful morning and we’re on our way to San Pedro Island. Undoubtedly the primary reason people visit this location is to interact with the playful colonies of resident California sea lions. Of the seven species known to exist worldwide the California seal lion is considered the most intelligent and the one people are most familiar with. 

While most diving is done on the east side of the island wind and current are always a factor here.  Having an experienced captain can make all the difference when choosing a site and we’re fortunate to have one of the best. This morning Captain Ernesto decides on the west side and we proceed to a site called La Caverna or the cavern.

As the crew drops anchor we’re greeted by really large numbers of playful sea lions. Under water it quickly becomes apparent that we’re witnessing something special as we observe a bull sea lion swim by followed closely by a large group of smaller females. As we understand it this may be the beginning of the mating process which lasts for several months. The scene repeats itself and at times they’re so close we feel like part of the entourage until the bull turns and  looks as if to say ,”be gone this is my harem”. We also encounter large numbers of last season’s pups which are now weaned and ready to play. Twirling and showing off we delight in the commotion of their activities.  This weeks picture

Water temperatures at the island were slightly warmer this past weekend ranging from 67f surface to 63f at depth. Visibility averages a green 10 to15 feet top to bottom. Muchas gracias Ocean Sports Dive Shop and the crew of the Ocean Spirit for your help in making this report possible. We encourage you to get out and experience all the sea has to offer, support your local dive shop and be kind to one another.