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Dive report 12.19.11 from What's Up San Carlos

posted Dec 23, 2011, 1:55 PM by Becky Moors   [ updated Jan 17, 2012, 5:15 PM ]

It’s Saturday morning and we’re anchored over the reef at San Antonio Point. This is one of our favorite local sites. The topography is unique and it always seems to offer up something new and different.  During the summer months we’ve seen everything here from sea horses to whale sharks but this is mid December and it’s anybody’s guess what we’ll find.

Descending to 20’ we follow the reef out into deeper water. We’re accustomed to seeing lots of big eels hiding in the rocks. Occasionally you’ll get lucky and see one out swimming but they quickly take cover. Imagine our surprise when at 40’ we encounter two eels, a large green and a jeweled, lying out completely exposed on the sand. As we approach they make no attempt to swim away. My first thought is that they’re reacting to the colder water but no matter how close we get they ignore us completely.

We swim on observing large numbers of Pink murex feeding on everything that isn’t moving including a big Panamic horse conch (pictured) although it’s questionable who’s lunch. Big elegant Pacific tube anemones are beginning to appear along with different sea stars like the conspicuous Bradley’s sea star.

this weeks picture 

Surface temperature on Saturday at San Antonio Point was 62 degrees dropping only a degree at depth. Visibility was 15’ to 20’ under cloudy skies. Surface temperature at San Pedro was reportedly 62 degrees with visibility of 30’+/-.

We welcome your comments and encourage you to get out and support your local dive shop. Thanks to Ocean Sports and the crew of the Ocean Spirit for hauling us around. Thanks also to Pat S., 83 years old and still diving. You’re an inspiration to us all.