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Dive Report 1.11.12 from What's Up San Carlos

posted Jan 17, 2012, 5:19 PM by Becky Moors   [ updated Feb 27, 2012, 12:26 PM ]

Contrary to what some believe San Carlos is surrounded by an amazingly large number of dive sites. Names like La Cueva and Window Rock bring to mind images of deep canyons combined with soaring pinnacles and magnificent underwater arches.

Many of these are local sites and readily accessible but some are so exposed to wind and current that they’re virtually ignored. Recently we decided to visit such a site located just south of Deer Island. What appears as a small singular rocky out cropping is actually the exposed crest of a large underwater reef. You won’t find this site described in area dive guides and to our knowledge it’s unnamed.

Eager to see what’s below we wait patiently while Captain Ernesto maneuvers the Ocean Spirit in close. Descending we enter a huge fissure which splits the reef from top to bottom. The sides are solid rock and form a long narrow underwater corridor covered with brilliant multicolored tube worms, sponges and anemones. We follow this dimly lit passage until it opens onto a sunlit vista of large boulders and sand at a depth of over 60’. Brilliant purple sea stars mingle with Gulf sun stars, spiny Pink murex and a variety of tropical fishes. Returning we encounter large schools of really big Bulls Eye puffers (not to be confused with porcupine fish) which can puff up to near basketball size when threatened. Although poisonous they are “rumored” to be good eating but only after careful preparation by an experienced cook. Ascending we vow to return one day soon and explore this jewel more completely. This weeks picture

Conditions in the sea remain largely unchanged from last week.  Water temps are a consistent 60 degrees +/- depending on location and depth. Visibility is better than average and should continue to improve barring heavy weather.