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Fundacion Aceptame Como Soy - Accept Me As I Am

About 8 years ago a dream was born. Jimmy Hinojos and his son Antonio were living close to a school for special needs children in Guaymas. They could tell that there was not a lot of interaction with the kids and that there was a need for more help. They began to teach some of the kids to play softball. This began their involvement with these exceptional children.

 4 years ago their foundation, Aceptame Como Soy (Accept Me as I Am) was formed. Their main goal is to raise funds through grants and donations for programs and equipment for the 6 schools in Guaymas and Empalme that serve the needs of over 400 students. It is not known how many handicapped children there actually are in Guaymas. Parents tend to keep them behind closed doors because they are afraid or embarrassed and ashamed. Additionally it is very difficult for parents to get their children to school as there is no school bus and most have to depend on public transportation and then go on to work themselves.

 These schools have students with physical, learning and behavioral disabilities. There are blind and deaf children. Children who are missing limbs or suffer from autism, cerebral palsy or Down’s syndrome. They range in age from preschool to middle school-there is no high school education for children with disabilities.  When children first come to the school they are assessed as to their level of schooling and placed in that grade level. So each grade can have children with very diverse needs, both educational and physical. For example, blind children must learn to write and read in Braille before they can continue with their education. It is a very slow process as they have to punch the Braille letters by hand. They have very few books or workbooks in Braille.

The school also has a “playroom” where children learn to use their wheelchairs and crutches, to negotiate stairs and ramps, and learn with hands on educational toys and games.

The foundation went to the teachers and asked them what they needed for their school. As you can imagine it was quite a long wish list! But their dreams began to be realized when they opened a computer lab at the school.

They have 10 computers along a big screen TV to use for the Xbox Kinect - which lets the children physically interact with out having to hold a controller. The computer lab is a very popular place, can accommodate 10-15 children at a time and has many  programs that are both fun and educational. One the teachers are very excited about is called “Jaws” and teaches blind children. They don’t have a Braille keyboard and the students have to learn to use a standard keyboard before they can play. Another program called “Open Book” will scan books into the program and translate them into Braille …. But they need a Braille printer to use the final product.   

Not only does the foundation provide funds for big projects such as these but they daily distribute food to all the schools that is donated by Santa Fe and Walmart grocery stores; visit housebound children and have 5 softball teams. As Daniela Hinojos Chavez (who administers the foundation and is Jimmy’s granddaughter) says “We have to get past the state of mind that they are different…..they are just kids”

What’s next? This year they begin work on a new classroom that will enable them to have more space for physical therapy and hands on educational learning with games and toys, not to mention more room to play Kinect!

They also want to expand the classes to incorporate vocational training. “These kids need to be able to look forward to a future that lets them work at fulfilling and rewarding jobs…not just menial labor” says Daniella. She sees a classroom that teaches them to garden, cook, sew, make piñatas and work in offices. Learning English will be very important, too. But for this to happen they need more volunteers. And different equipment and supplies than a conventional classroom.

What is still on that wish list?

A Braille printer

A room and books for a library – books that are interactive, use deduction or have a lot of images and/or sounds

More educational toys, games and equipment.

And of course.... a school bus

Jimmy Hinojos is President of Lions Club International and was Commisario in San Carlos for 35 years. His son Antonio runs a business in Guaymas along with his daughter Daniela.

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Castaway Kids

Castaway Kids Mexico is a charity group made up of a wonderful American, Canadian and Mexican volunteers willing to sponsor the less fortunate children and families of Guaymas.   Castaway Kids is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of Mexican children in Guaymas and surrounding communities:  by funding education scholarships to needy children, hosting recreational activities for children, providing food, clothing and shelter to families in emergency situations and mentoring children from underprivileged families.

To learn more about the history of what motivated Mark Mulligan to create this Mexican children’s charity click here for the History of Castawaykids Mexico.

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San Carlos Community Church

San Carlos Community Church highly values touching the lives of people with faith in God in the San Carlos area.  The church has grown tremendously because of our vision to “Touch San Carlos” where every man, woman and child will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by faith believe.  This vision has catapulted San Carlos Community Church into the lives of people and into the heart of community happenings. 

San Carlos is a beautiful place to live with a wonderful variety of people and the multi-denominational variety within San Carlos Community Church displays that.  You are always welcome to worship with us where God’s Word, prayer and relationship with God are lifted high.

We also support several  missions in the area and always have opportunities to serve.

We have several websites that you can explore for more help and information:

Need some prayer?

Do you have questions about God:

Iglesia San Carlos

Parroquia de San Carlos Borromeo
(St Charles Parish)
Parish MEANS "living together" or "a dwelling neighborhood" . It is a community that supports and accompanies individuals and families in education and growth of their faith, and is the major institutional place where you can develop a Christian life

Its mission is carried out by groups or pastoral, movements and institutions but especially through the sacraments, and first with the celebration of the Eucharist.

"Praise the Lord all you nations, acclaim all peoples, for great is His love for us and his faithfulness endures forever" Psalm 116, 1-2

Charles Borromea Parish website

Rescate Of San Carlos

RESCATE provides emergency first aid medical care and ambulance service to San Carlos residents and visitors alike.  The bi-lingual staff is on 24-hour call, and professionally trained in advanced and basic life support, CPR, first aid, and special rescue and transportation techniques.  RESCATE has its own premises including two well equipped emergency first-aid treatment rooms, which are supported by four fully equipped ambulances.  We are an urgent/emergency care facility and not a medical clinic. A doctor is always on call for a fee or patients can be directed to a physician of their choice. Emergencies beyond the abilities of Rescate are normally transported  immediately to a facility in Guaymas.

Now in its fourth decade of operation, RESCATE first opened in 1978 in a single donated room with two volunteers using a converted personal van for an ambulance.  RESCATE is a Mexican nonprofit corporation, governed by an elected Board of Directors, all volunteers and residents of San Carlos.  RESCATE is entirely self-supporting and is funded through memberships, donations and the activities of the RESCATE auxiliary. RESCATE is also recognized as a nonprofit organization by the IRS and all contributions are fully deductible. Rescate web site

SBPA in San Carlos

Sociedad Benefactora y Protección Animal


SBPA A.C. San Carlos is dedicated to the protection of animals, domestic and feral, and to the alleviation of suffering created by their uncontrolled reproduction. To this end, we believe that spay and neuter is the best solution to the overpopulation problem. SBPA website